SCR / Dosing Control Panel for three diesel generator system

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SCR / Dosing Control Panel for three diesel generator system

This project for NOxProtekt Ltd was for the NOx treatment on three containerised diesel generators on an MOD site. The main panel consisted of a 2-section floor standing enclosure separated into a control section and a dosing section, in order to separate the electrical components from the compressed air / urea.

Utilising an Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC alongside a Weintek 7” touchscreen HMI, the control system in the left-hand section was responsible for controlling the three urea dosing pumps (one per generator), purge air valve & air compressor in the right-hand section. The pressurised urea was then injected into the appropriate SCR (selective catalytic reduction) units to treat the exhaust gases from each generator once running and on load.

Larger than our normal SCR/Dosing panels, this panel was tested, tested, then tested again to ensure no issues once it's installed on the critical MOD site for which it was built.
Peter Negus
Controls Engineer, McKinCo

The panel itself was fitted with a thermostatically controlled heating & ventilation system along with all the components required to monitor, and provide power and control to, the SCR system.

As the panel was ultimately to be located in one of the generator acoustic enclosures, it had its own lighting and RCD power socket to aid the operators on site.

In addition, a tank panel was provided on this project to monitor the large urea tank supplying the SCRs. This panel utilised a Unitronics Samba 3.5” HMI / PLC to display tank information and interface with the main SCR control panel.

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