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At McKinCo we know that no two customers are the same. As such we offer products customised to each client’s specific requirements.

Whether it is a floor standing panel with hot standby PLCs, or a wall mounted panel to control a single pump, we can provide a solution tailored to your needs.

Control Panels

Our control panels can be floor standing or wall/machine/skid mounted, depending on the amount of equipment and/or location of the installation.

Cabinet material is typically mild steel / aluminium / polyester finished in RAL7035 structured powder coating, or stainless steel. Stainless cabinets can be painted on request for applications such as those required in the oil & gas industry but are usually supplied with just the stainless finish.

Material and construction is typically determined by the application. For instance, whether located indoor or outdoor, in a safe area or a hazardous area. Our ATEX certified enclosures can be tailored to the specific hazardous area required.

The types of control panel we typically design & manufacture include,
but are not limited to:


Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are industrial computers that are widely used in industry to control all manner of systems. At McKinCo the PLC is the cornerstone of our control systems.

Usually supplied as part of the control panel, PLCs can be supplied loose for installation on site if required.

We specialise in Siemens (S7-1200, S7-1500 ranges primarily) and Allen Bradley (Micro800, CompactLogix, ControlLogix ranges) PLCs but can offer other platforms on request.

I/O (digital and/or analogue) is typically provided locally at the PLC to allow monitoring and control of equipment.

However, distributed I/O can be provided remote from the PLC, in order to reduce cable installation costs should the equipment be located far from the control panel. The distributed I/O is typically connected to the PLC via an ethernet communications network over copper or fibre cabling (depending on the distances involved).


Human Machine Interface (HMI) screens are used as an interface between the PLC and an operator. At McKinCo we like to offer HMIs on our panels to primarily assist the operator in monitoring & controlling his system. However, they are also very useful during system setup & commissioning and can be used to modify the system without the need for an engineering laptop.

Usually supplied as part of the main control panel, HMIs can be supplied in their own dedicated panel or loose for installation on site.

We specialise in Siemens (Basic, Comfort ranges) and Allen Bradley (PanelView Plus 7 range, 6181P Industrial PC) HMIs but can offer other platforms on request.

Remote Access Devices

Industrial internet (IIoT) data gateways are extremely useful devices that allow remote access onto a PLC and/or HMI out in the field.

At McKinCo we primarily offer Ewon devices (Cosy, Flexy) to install in our panels or as part of a remote access panel.

These devices are ‘IT friendly’ in that they do not need incoming connections enabled in a corporate firewall. As such they do not give remote access to the rest of the IT network. They merely use an outgoing connection on the network in the same way as a laptop or PC.

Alternatively, they can use a standard SIM card to connect via the mobile network instead of going through the WAN.

If required, we can also configure the device to send alerts via email/SMS on the occurrence of particular conditions such as alarms.

SQ Remote Access devices

LV Switchboards

Our switchgear offering ranges from SP+N distribution boards up to full custom designed, low-voltage Form 4b Type 6 electrical switchboards (rated up to 3200A). These can be used for a broad range of commercial, industrial and retrofit applications.

Switchboard accessories include, but are not limited to:

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McKinCo offer a wide range of services alongside our core business of panel building. Our aim is to provide a one-stop shop for our customers, having the in-house knowledge, skills and facilities to deliver control & power solutions from conception to commissioning.

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