Pilgrim’s Pride Hydrogen Sulphide dosing

McKinCo Project Case Study

Pilgrim’s Pride Hydrogen Sulphide dosing

Hydrogen Sulphide is a toxic gas produced in wastewater facilities. It is naturally converted to sulphuric acid, which is corrosive towards steel and concrete. Control of hydrogen sulphide levels therefore results in increased life and lower maintenance costs at an effluent treatment plant.

McKinCo recently designed and built some Hydrogen Sulphide Dosing control panels for installation at Pilgrim’s Pride facilities in Spalding and Westerleigh.

Housed in wall mountable mild steel enclosures, these panels utilised a Siemens S7-1200 PLC alongside a Weintek 7” touchscreen HMI and associated equipment, to control the dosing pumps used in the hydrogen sulphide treatment.

By taking a flow measurement into the PLC, the dosing pumps could be controlled to carry out flow proportional dosing, commonly used in wastewater treatment application.

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