Halavet Ion Exchange System in Turkey

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Halavet Ion Exchange System in Turkey

Gelatin is an animal-based product, widely used as an ingredient in the food industry.
To improve the colour, taste and odour of gelatin for use in foods, unwanted organic and inorganic compounds are removed from gelatin in a process known as ion exchange.

We recently undertook a project for one of our main customers consisting of a floor standing stainless steel Ion Exchange control panel. The panel was supplied for installation at Halavet in Turkey.

Always nice to build a high end industrial stainless steel panel for the food industry; really looks the part.
Gareth McKinley
Director, McKinCo

With a thermostatically controlled ventilation system, this panel utilised a Siemens S7-1500 PLC alongside a Siemens 15” TP1500 Comfort touchscreen HMI to control the gelatin treatment process. It also included a Siemens G120C VSD and DOL Starters for the various pumps being controlled, plus an Ewon Flexy industrial internet data gateway to allow remote access and send email alerts and notifications to the operator.

Additionally, we provided a 40-way Metal Work valve island in the panel. These forty pneumatic solenoid valves were operated by the PLC, with the island being connected to the PLC via profinet.

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